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The next time you land a prize deer, you can remember it forever by choosing Outlaw Taxidermy. We specialize in memorializing your trophy kills through modern taxidermy techniques. These modern taxidermy techniques allow for the most realistic looking pieces possible. This is your opportunity to shine through your hunting and woodsman abilities.

You can choose to have your taxidermy in the form of a head mount, head and shoulder mount, mount with antlers only, a European mount and even a full body production. In addition, you will also be able to request your prize in any number of positions for added realism. This is also a great opportunity for you to have the taxidermist replicate the exact pose of the animal at the time you took it down. You will then be able to point to your deer with added pride, and tell the story of how you got it with added flair.

What is our delivery time?

When requested we are able to offer a six to eight month delivery for most of our clients. Delivery dates commence after receipt of the following:

1. Delivery of all the trophies to our shop.

2. Payment of a deposit (approximately 50% of the taxidermy fees). All prices listed are subject to change depending on how the animal was caped.

3. Confirmation of the taxidermy instructions and the look the client is wanting to achieve.


Outlaw Taxidermy is a professional service, and you can expect high-quality workmanship. Your taxidermy will be placed through techniques that will help accurately portray your trophy. The whole point of taxidermy is to help you preserve one of your finest moments — make sure your deer comes back to you in as much true glory as possible.